About Us

The Community Development & Infrastructure Department

Community Development & Infrastructure (CDI) was formed in February 2022, and includes the Planning Division, Public Works Division, and Unified Permit Center.

Unified Permit Center

A primary result of the integration of Public Works and Planning into CDI is the development of the Unified Permit Center (UPC). The overarching goal of the UPC is to deliver streamlined and customer-centric services, coordinating efficiently to integrate and simplify the land use permitting process while ensuring that development is safe for the public and environmental resources. 

Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for long-range land use planning, environmental protection, code enforcement, and the Unified Permit Center. Planning policy and the codes that implement it are directed by the County General Plan/Local Coastal Program and town/village plans. Permits and approvals are issued according to provisions in the Santa Cruz County Code, particularly Titles 12 (Building), 13 (Zoning), 16 (Environmental Protection), 18 (Procedures), and 19 (Enforcement).  Our Building section issues permits according to the California Building Code and related codes. Meanwhile, our Housing section focuses on supporting the development of new housing and meeting affordable housing needs.

Public Works Division

Pulic Works Division plays a role in meeting the essential infrastructure requirements of unincorporated Santa Cruz County. Our services include design, construction, maintenance and improvements of County roads, bridges, drainage systems, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, streetlights, traffic signals, and signs. Additionally, we manage County landfill and transfer station operations, provide solid waste and recycling services for County residents, oversee the development and maintenance of County sanitation infrastructure, and handle the operations and maintenance of the Davenport water and sewer treatment facility. Our scope extends to flood control and stormwater management, real property management, fleet maintenance, and the management of fifty Road and Sanitation County Service Areas (CSA).