Schedule a Building Inspection

Attention: Inspections shall be scheduled as follows:

  • -CZU Lighting Fire projects: schedule by calling the Recovery Permit Center (RPC) at 831-454-5323.
  • -ARD2023 permits processed and issued by the RPC: schedule with the RPC at 831-454-5323.
  • -ARD2023 permits processed and issued by the Planning Division: schedule with the form below.
  • -All other projects: please schedule with the form below.

Inspections are to be scheduled by 3:00pm, at least one business day before the requested inspection date. (Holidays & weekends excluded. Please see our Santa Cruz County Holiday Calendar 2024 for Holiday information.)

All inspections are scheduled Monday through Thursday. Friday morning inspections are available but exclude final or complex inspections.

If you are uncertain if your inspection can be scheduled for a Friday morning, please contact the Supervising Building Inspector prior to scheduling.

Please check your inspection request information before sending; incomplete or inaccurate requests will not result in a scheduled inspection.

You will receive a confirmation email that your inspection request has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation, the form was not completed correctly.