Encroachment Permits

The encroachment section of Public Works processes and issues permits to the public and/or other agencies for the performance of work on County roads right-of-way. Encroachments may include structures, facilities, and objects of any kind placed in, on, under, or over any County highway. Work includes utilities projects that involve excavation or trenching; street improvement projects; and tree trimming, removal, and planting within the County right-of-way.

The encroachment section also conducts engineering plan review for minor and major subdivision projects involving drainage, new or re-construction of drive approaches, and improvements on County right-of-way, conducts construction inspection, as well as supports plan checking on Building permit applications.

The encroachment section also oversees issues that arise within the County right-of-way such as illegal signs, refuse, sediments, erosion, etc., and interfaces with the general public and other departments and agencies related to these issues.