Freedom County Sanitation District

The Freedom County Sanitation District is a non‐profit public agency providing sewage collection, treatment and disposal service to the Freedom area. The District's customers generate approximately 1.35 million gallons of sewage a day, which is transported to the wastewater treatment plant on Beach Street, owned and operated by the City of Watsonville. This plant has a capacity to treat a total of approximately 16.5 million gallons of wastewater per day to a quality level that meets stringent Environmental Protection Agency and State standards for discharge into Monterey Bay. Revenues to operate the District are collected yearly from residents and businesses that are connected to the sanitary sewer system.

Please note: This department does not provide service to those residents who reside within the city limits of Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Scotts Valley, or unincorporated areas outside of the Freedom County Sanitation District Boundaries.

Board Meetings and Agendas

Freedom County Sanitation District items are heard by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors acting as the Board of Directors for the District. Board meeting information is available on the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors site. You can find upcoming information, prior agendas and recorded meetings, and other information by clicking the link provided below.

District Code and Ordinances

FCSD District Code

Ordinance No. F-25 - An Ordinance Amending District Code Title 1 and 3 - Private Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems
Ordinance No. F-27 - An Ordinance Amending District Code Title 3 - Private Sewer Maintenance

FCSD Cost Management Reports

Cost Management Reports for previous years can be provided upon request by contacting DPW Sanitation staff at (831) 454-2160.