Administrative Practice Guidelines


Subject Volume II Ordinance Sections General Plan-Local Coastal Program
Abandonment of Discretionary Permit Application 18.10.430  
13.10.611, 13.10.700
13.10.611(c)(2), 13.10.611(c)(3)iii
13.10.321(a) and (b), 13.10.322(b)
13.10.700-A, 13.10.700-H
Basement, definition for grading purposes 16.20.050(c), 16.10.040(g), 13.10.700-B, 2007 CBC Section 502.1  
Bedrooms and meaning of "opening off" 13.10.700-B  
Bridges and Safety Railings (BRIDGE-01) 13.10.323(d)5(A)  
Building Height (revised) 13.10.510(d), 13.10.700-H  
Building Permits, Properties with Violations 12.01.070(c)  
12.10.315(A), 13.10.650
13.20.068, 13.10.510(d)(2), 13.20.130
Commercial change of use 13.10.332(b), 13.10.700-I  
Corner Lot Setbacks 13.10.700-L  
Cut Depth & Fill Height Definition 16.20.050(a) and (b)  
Detached Structures, Accessory Structure Determination 13.10.700-D  
Discretionary Approvals - Review level for major amendments and modifications 18.10.134(c)2(i)2, 18.10.134(c)2(iii)  
Discretionary permit - when exercised 18.10.132(b)  
Double frontage parcel with alley – parking and fence height (ALLEY-01) 13.10.323(d)6; 13.10.554(d); 13.10.700-A  
Electrical Service, Vacant Parcels (vers. 2) 13.10.611(c)  
FAR and Residential Square

Footage Determinations - Revised Administrative Guidelines
13.10.700, 13.10.323(c), 16.10.040  
Farmworker  Quarters, Temporary, Temporary Occupancy of Mobile Homes RVs 13.10.631(d), 13.10.683(a)  
State Law - Executive Order VR-202-E
Ground Water Recharge & Minimum Parcel Sizes 13.14.080 General Plan/Local Coastal Program Section 2.3.2, Figure 2-2; Sections 5.8.1, 5.8.2, and 5.8.3
Height of Structure - calculating grade inside perimeter walls 13.10.510(d)(1)  
Home Occupations 13.10.613, 13.10.700-H  
Home Occupations, Restrictions 13.10.613  
Landscape Plans for Minor Land Divisions 13.11.040(j)  
Lot Line Adjustments 13.10.673, 14.01.105-L,  
Lot Line Adjustments– split zoning (LD-03) 13.10.673,, 14.01.105-L, 18.10.131(f)  
Lot Line Adjustments, Standards 13.10.332(b); 7.38.054.D.6  
Mixed-Use Development Standards, Density and Design Guidance (MU-19) 13.10.323(F), 13.10.332(B)(1), 13.10.333, 18.10.180-18.10.185, 18.10.230(A); Chapters 13.11 and 17.12 GP/ LCP: Objectives 2.10, 2.11 and 2.12; Policies 2.10.1, 2.11.1, 2.12.3
Mobilehomes: Regulatory authority 13.10.684; 13.10.552; 12.10.330; 12.10.355  
13.10.260(a), 13.10.260(c), 13.10.262(a)
Nonconforming Structures: Structural Alterations to Roofs 13.10.265(e)  
Open Space Easements: Permit Review Procedures for New Construction 13.10.461, 462, 463  
Overriding Minimum Acreage 13.14.050 General Plan/Local Coastal Program Section 2.3.2 and Figure 2-2
Paddocks 13.10.322(b), 13.10.641  
Parcel legality - combination 14.01.110(a)5  
Parking Lots, Paving 13.10.140(a), 13.10.552(e), 13.10.554(a)4, 13.10.554(d)  
Planning Interpretations 13.10.250, 18.10.410  
PUDs, Existing; Design Standards  13.10.240, 18.10.185  
Residence Portions Attached/Detached re: Accessory Structure Regulations 13.10.700-A  
Residential Improvements Requiring Coastal Approvals 13.20.068(a), 13.20.070-13.20.078  
Restaurants - Beer and Wine Service Near Residential Areas (REST-01) 13.10.654, 18.10.134  
Riding academies, public stables, and commercial boarding of horses in the RA zone district 13.10.321(b), 13.10.322, 13.10.611(c), 13.10.641, 13.10.643, 13.10.644  
Rights-of-way, private; improvements within 13.10.525  
Riparian Corridor Protection in Urban Areas - Discretionary Projects 16.30  
Salamander Protection Zone, Coastal Permits, Site Regulations, & Valencia Pond Drainage Basin 13.20.050, 13.20.060-071  
Salamander Protection Zone, Site Disturbance & Impervious Surface 16.32.090(c)B  
Second story addition, Commercial buildings, Floodplain 16.10.070(f)3 16.10.070(g)1  
Second Story Rooftop Decks (DECKS-01) 13.10.323(e)1  
Second units: Coastal Permits for garages and accessory structures 13.20.068(a),


Second units: Conversion from Legal Residence 13.10.681  
13.10.323(b); 13.10.265(c); 13.10.700-L
13.10.700-Y, 9.70.030-H, 13.10.321(a)
Shade & Hoop Structures (AG-01 Rev.1) 12.10.070(b)11, 13.10.636, 13.10.700-S  
Side Yard Setbacks, Double Frontage Lots 13.10.323(c), 13.10.700-L  
Sign lighting 13.10.580, 13.10.581, 13.10.582, 13.10.700-L, 13.20.130(c)6  
Significant Tree Protection Ordinance – Eucalyptus Removal (SIG TREE) 16.34.050(C)  
Single family dwelling (SFD) units in Residential or Agricultural zoning districts: Interpretation of "detached" 13.10.580, 13.10.581, 13.10.582, 13.10.700-L, 13.20.130(c)6  
Straw bale structures, floor area measurements 13.10.700-F  
Substandard Lots and Buildability 13.10.323(d)(2)  
Swimming Pool Barriers, Residential 13.10.216  
Townhouses and Condominiums in R-1 (TWNHSE-R1) 13.10.322(b)  
Travel Trailers 13.10.700-T  
Under floor or story? (UNDERFLOOR-01) 13.10.700-U  
Uses & Activities Allowed on a Vacant Residential Parcel 13.10.322(b)  
Vacation Rentals: Assigning blocks in the LODA (VAC-01) 13.10.694  
Vehicular Access, Legal 13.10.521(a)  
Vertical Access and Residential Two Story Limitation within the USL 13.10.323(b), 13.10.323(e)(4), 13.10.700-S  
Water Agreement in lieu of Will Serve Letter (WATER AGREEMENT) 13.10.324.1, 13.10.334, 13.10.344, 14.01.206(L) General Plan Policy 7.18.2
Wireless Communication Facilities Ordinance, Revised (WCF-01) 13.10.510(d)2, 13.10.663(b)(6)  
Wireless Communications Facilities - Application processing pursuant to federal and state law (WCF-05) 13.10.660-668  
Wireless Communication Facilities, "Picocells", revised 13.10.660(e)  
Wireless Communication Facilities – Small Cells Rev. (WCF-06) 13.10.661(B)(I)