Annexation Informations

One or more property owners may request the installation of residential street lighting. If their neighborhood is not currently within the residential street lighting district, it is necessary to annex into County Service Area (CSA) No. 9, Zone A, in order for the County to provide lighting services.

After the initial request for residential street lighting services, the Department of Public Works will request a Pacific Gas and Electric Company site inspection to confirm feasibility of an installation. If deemed feasible, the Department of Public Works will prepare a map of the proposed annexa‐ tion area showing the "zone of benefit." This map, along with a Petition for Annexation to CSA No. 9, Zone A will be sent to the requestor, who then must obtain signatures of at least sixty percent of the affected property owners. A minimum of 4‐6 benefiting properties is required before annexation can be initiated. In addition, the homeowners immediately adjacent to and directly across from each proposed street light must sign the Adjoining Property Owners’ Concurrence form, which indicates agreement to the installation of a street light at a specific location. The completed Pe‐ tition for Annexation and the Adjoining Property Owners’ Concurrence form are submitted to the Department of Public Works with a map showing the proposed street light locations.

Residential street lighting provided by CSA No. 9, Zone A is funded by levies that are considered benefit assessments. According to Proposition 218, "The Right To Vote On Taxes Act," levies such as those for CSA No. 9, Zone A must be voted on by the residents in the proposed benefit zone. A ballot is mailed to each property owner within the proposed benefit zone and the results of the election tabulated after a public hearing on the assessment. Assessment fees which range from $2.35 to $4.70 per year, must be approved by at least half of the votes cast by the property owners, with the votes weighted according to the amount of the proposed assessment on each parcel. After the annexation and lighting request are approved by the Board of Supervisors and are approved by the majority of the property owners in the proposed annexation, the Department of Public Works will schedule the installation by Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

For additional information, contact the Department of Public Works, CSA 9A, at 454‐2670.