Pending Public Notice Projects

The Santa Cruz County Code includes noticing requirements for Administrative discretionary projects, including a requirement to post project information on the department's website (see SCCC 18.10.116). The table below provides this noticing.

Note that this table is not a comprehensive list of all Discretionary Permit applications. Some Discretionary projects require no public noticing and others, such as Conditional Permits which are considered at a public hearing, have different noticing requirements.

How to Use the Table

To use the table below, click on the blue title of a column to sort information in ascending or descending order. For example, to see the most current projects, click on the "Projected Decision Date" heading. Clicking the same title a second time will reverse the order. 

For project information, including a project description and project plans (when applicable), click on the Application Number. 


Following the end of the 14-day local appeal period, projects marked with an * are also appealable to the Coastal Commission (10-working-days). Applications whose appeal windows have closed are removed from this list. If you would like to find the status of an application not on this list, please enter the application number on the Application Status and Permit History page.