Information About Holds

Prior to the issuance of a Building Permit, an agency or reviewer may place a HOLD on a permit, which is a requirement that must be fulfilled prior to the completion of the project. Please note that the permit is not finaled (finished) until all Holds have been released.

There are two ways to check for holds on your permit.

  1. Review the Permit / Inspection card. If a hold exists, you will find it on the lower right section with the word "HOLDS" written in bold, as well as the words, 'AGENCY, REASON, CONTACT and PHONE.
  2. Enter your permit number into the Check Permit Status lookup page. If there are holds, the phrase "Hold Details" will display in the far right column; click on the hyperlink to review the hold information. If your permit has no holds, the "Hold Details" phrase will not appear.

Only the agency that has placed the Hold can clear it. Please do not ask or expect the Building Inspector or clerical staff to remove the Holds. Contact the agency directly using the phone number listed for each respective hold.

As your project nears completion you will want to take the following steps:

  1. Contact all agencies having Holds and begin resolving outstanding issues.
  2. Schedule a final building inspection when the construction is finished and ready. (The holds do NOT have to be removed before you call for the final inspection.)
  3. When the Building Inspector and all agencies including the Fire Agency have signed off on the permit, you may ask for an electrical clearance for the permanent service. After the Fire Agency does their final inspection and removes their hold, the permit is finaled, the gas service may be connected and the building occupied.

Your permit is not finaled, and, in many cases, you will not be allowed to connect to permanent gas and electric service. In other cases, you will receive notification that your permit is about to expire, even though you may have had a final approval from the Building Inspector. Expired permits are referred to Code Enforcement for resolution. Civil penalties may be imposed.

It depends on the type of project.

  1. For construction of all new buildings, all major reconstruction and any large project that requires vacating the building and the removal of utility meters, the permit must be finaled and Holds removed before occupancy
  2. On minor remodeling, additions and repairs, the existing building may be continuously occupied and the utilities maintained.

Occupying a new residence or business prior to final approval is a violation of County Ordinances and can result in disconnection of gas and electric service by order of the County Building Official. (See the exception for continuously occupied projects, listed above.)