Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Are Plans Required? Yes
Submitted Through ePlan Review 
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Forms See forms available under the "Building" section on the ePlan Review webpage.
See also Electrical Load Calculation forms and Accessibility Requirements for public EVCS below.
Fees Fees are based on department review fees and square footage.
If you need help or have questions Contact Building staff by email: Planning.BuildingInfo@santacruzcountyca.gov, or by Scheduling an appointment using the Appointment Scheduler .
IMPORTANT NOTE Level 1 Charging Stations
Level 1 chargers are smaller units that plug directly into a standard 120-volt receptacle outlet. If a 120-volt receptacle outlet is already available, no permit is needed. However, if a new receptacle outlet needs to be installed, then an application submitted through ePlan Review is required. Applications require load calculations demonstrating that the existing electrical panel can support the added load.

Level 2 Charging Stations
Level 2 charging systems require a 240-volt electrical circuit. Level 2 charger installations require an electrical permit submitted through ePlan Review. In order to obtain the permit, you will need to provide project plans and supplemental documents, including load calculations, manufacture’s cut sheets, and installation instructions.
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